Cover Story

Islamic finance: Why Malaysia is in the lead, and why it will stay at the forefront

Welcome to the launch issue of MY Islamic Finance – a bespoke publication focusing exclusively on the burgeoning Shariah finance industry of Malaysia where we demystify, illustrate and present the Malaysian Islamic finance story to you without...

Capital Markets

Malaysian Islamic capital markets explained

The capital market is part of a financial system where companies or individuals seeking to raise funds for projects and investments can take advantage of in addition to the banking system. The market serves as a platform for buyers and sellers to...


Malaysia on track to achieving 40% Islamic banking market share target by 2020

Islamic banking in Malaysia has come a long way since its first establishment in 1983. Currently, there are 16 Islamic banks out of a total of 43 banks in Malaysia, of which five are stand-alone fully-fledged Islamic banks and 11 are Islamic...

Asset Management

Islamic asset management gaining traction

Investing in a fund is a lot like shopping. Whether it is fixed-income instruments, equities or real estate assets, different people have different needs; and regardless of the nature, one is always looking for the best in terms of financial,...


Players target micro segment to boost Takaful business

When we break it down, Takaful – a beautiful Shariah concept – is likely to be familiar to many Malaysians. Islamic insurance, or Takaful, is a mechanism in which members pool their money together to guarantee or cover each other against losses...


Malaysia continues to enhance regulatory environment to facilitate Islamic financial activities

When it comes to Islamic finance regulations, Malaysia is a global bellwether. The country has one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive legal infrastructure for Shariah compliant financial transactions, a culmination of strong political will...


Fintech – an Islamic finance gamechanger

Like the rest of the world, fintech is disrupting the financial landscape of Malaysia, but instead of viewing it as competition to traditional banking, regulators are pooling their resources together to harness the transformative power of fintech...

Case Study

Ekovest’s greenfield toll-road Sukuk

Property and infrastructure developer Ekovest in August tapped the Malaysian Islamic capital market, raising up to RM3.64 billion (US$893.35 million) through an Islamic bond, or Sukuk, to part-fund the construction of Setiawangsa-Pantai Expressway ...

News Briefs

News Brief

A roundup of the latest Islamic finance news in Malaysia and from around the world with a direct impact on the Malaysian market.