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Malaysia 2017 Budget: What it means for Islamic finance

On the 21st October, Prime Minister Najib Razak unveiled Malaysia’s 2017 Budget, themed ‘Accelerating growth, ensuring fiscal prudence, enhancing well-being of the Rakyat’. The financial plan may have generated mixed responses from the; ...

Capital Markets

Malaysia catalyzing infrastructure development using Sukuk

In the race to achieve a high-income nation status by 2020, Malaysia is sparing no effort in intensifying its infrastructure development – and Sukuk have increasingly become the preferred funding tool by the government and corporates to...


Developer financing: Bane or boon to the banking industry?

As part of ongoing efforts to encourage homeownership among Malaysians, the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government recently drew up an initiative allowing property developers to extend home financing. The move may be seen as an...

Asset Management

Malaysia: The Silicon Valley of Muslim-focused ventures

The burgeoning number of online entrepreneurs entering the Halal space aiming to serve Muslim consumers is a force to be reckoned with. Despite arming themselves with innovation and a potentially high-growth business model, Islamic start-ups are...


Fintech – to regulate or to deregulate? That is the question.

When it comes to Islamic finance regulatory infrastructure, Malaysia is world class. And it seems that the country is also attempting to build a top-of-the-line conducive regulated ecosystem for a new class of financial firms - fintech– ...


Why Takaful makes sense

When it was time for Emily Tan, a young professional in her 20s, to get an insurance policy, the choice was easy for her: She was leaning toward Takaful. Not because she was Muslim (she isn’t) but because she was captivated by the moral...


The rise of the Islamic robo-advisors

One of the reasons why fintech is fast gaining popularity across the world is because of the promise it brings: cheaper, faster and easier financial services; and this proposition is particularly appealing now when economic conditions are tough and...

Case Study

LPPSA debuts state-backed Islamic papers

Malaysia’s Public Sector Home Financing Board (LPPSA) made its foray into the Islamic debt capital market with a Sukuk Murabahah issuance of RM4 billion (US$955.5 million), which saw exceptional reception. Offered in six tranches with varying...

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News Brief

A roundup of the latest Islamic finance news in Malaysia and from around the world with a direct impact on the Malaysian market.