Cover Story

Malaysia: Going where the money is

Like wildfire, hype surrounding Malaysia’s bold ambition to be the preferred Islamic wealth management center of the world caught on fast when the nation revealed a five-year plan to reach its goal. But does the Southeast Asian nation have the...

Case Study

Jambatan Kedua makes strong Sukuk comeback

Returning to the Sukuk market after over a year since its Sukuk debut, Jambatan Kedua (JKSB) proves that a favorable pricing is still achievable despite choppy market conditions. JKSB, wholly owned by the Ministry of Finance, issued the tranche...


Exponential growth for Malaysian fintech sector

The Malaysian fintech sector is expected to realize at least US$7.2 billion-worth of transactions this year, riding on an expected compounded annual growth rate of 21.4% over the next five years to reach US$15.64 million in 2021, according to...


Takaful industry beefs up data security

The Takaful and insurance fraternity is making a concerted effort to boost consumer confidence through a consolidated universal code of practice for the entire Malaysian insurance industry to harmonize practice among operators when it comes to...


BNM’s latest policy document clears the air on Waad

Uncertainties shrouding unilateral promises used in Islamic financial transactions were cleared this month as the regulator finalized guidelines on Waad after almost a year consulting with market practitioners. Covering the legal enforceability...


Islamic financing to surpass conventional loan growth

2017 is shaping up to be a good year for Islamic banks as it looks likely that they would continue to outperform their conventional peers amid strong support from regulators to expand the Shariah finance brand abroad. While conventional loans...

Asset Management

Sukuk funds take center stage as weak global environment persists

Malaysian asset managers are finding opportunities in Sukuk funds as global markets continue to show tepid growth and low interest rates. Rife with uncertainties and volatility, the domestic and international markets are in ‘risk-off’ mode...

Capital Markets

Islamic equities underperform in 2017

The Islamic equity markets is off to a steady but lackluster start to the year as major Malaysian Shariah indexes underperform their conventional counterparts in the first month of 2017. In the FTSE Bursa Malaysia Shariah family, all indexes...

News Briefs

News Brief

A roundup of the latest Islamic finance news in Malaysia and from around the world with a direct impact on the Malaysian market.